Rolex is the biggest luxury watches manufacturer, which is not only the Swiss consume factory for precious metals and jewelry. All kinds of gem, only you think, can be used for a no Rolex. While as the Rolex typical straight design character, a lot of stone dial watch also looks very ugly now. We in this review the Rolex “spoil” stone dial watches.

Agate can also be called code agate, horse agate, and onyx. It is a kind of chalcedony kind mineral, color has administrative levels quite. Most agates exist in the form of nodules in extruded rocks or ancient lava, and the cavities formed by the volatile components of the original molten material are filled with silicate components that condense layer by layer along the walls. Agate also fills cavities created by the intrusion of extruded or altered rocks into the granite. When the Agate is cut crosswise, a series of parallel lines of grain appear that is usually very fine, giving the appearance of a banded color.

Rolex Day-Date onyx dial watch Ref.18079

Ammolite is an organic gem similar to opal found primarily on the eastern slopes of North American Rockies. It is composed of the fossilized shells of ammonites, and the algal shells are composed mainly of aragonite with the same minerals contained in the nacre and have microstructures inherited from the shells. It is one of the few biological gems

Rolex Day-Date blue Ammolite watch Ref.18208

Aventurine, also known as winter-stone, Indian jade, which is a beautiful oil-green quartzite containing chromium-mica. But now it is widely promoted that all quartz or secondary quartz in the earth’s crust, which is bright in color and dense and tough in texture, is collectively referred to as “aventurine quartz”.

Rolex Day-Date blue Aventurine watch Ref.18238

Azurite, also known as azurite, is a kind of mineral containing copper. It has dark blue or light blue glassy luster, and the chemical composition of which is Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2. it is a monoclinic crystal system that is rectangular column or plate. The aggregate is a cluster, radial, bell emulsion or granular, the hardness is 3.5-4, the specific gravity is 3.77-3.89.

Rolex blue copper dial women watch Ref: 5184/8

Bloodstone is a dark green to blue-green chalcedony with red or brown spots. The spots look similar to blood stains, indicating the name of the gem. Spots may be so sparse that they hardly exist, or they may be very dense and interwoven. Bloodstones may also have red markings, although speckles are the most common and desirable texture.

Rolex Day-Date blood stone dial watch Ref.18038

In addition, many Rolex natural stone watches have been abandoned along with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness. Most precious stone are not sold at a premium price at Rolex auction.