Speaking of Kimura Takuya, I think many people will not hear him, but they must have heard the name. He was named “the most popular artist in Japan”, and now the traffic star influence is not as good as half of him. He drove the trend of Japan. When he grew up, all the men in Japan kept their long hair. When he had short hair, every barbershop on the street would be full. He chose to marry and have children when the road to entertainment was the most prosperous. After more than a decade, his second daughter debuted in the entertainment circle, and his name was mentioned again. What kind of charm does he have? Can he still bring such a big topicality influence after so many years?

The last time Kimura Takuya was hotly debated was a fashion advertisement that was co-operated with Chinese singer Leah Dou. The netizen called it “the combination of gods”. He doesn’t look like a forty-something in the subway scene.

He debuted very early and joined the combined SMAP when he was a teenager. Each song of this combination can get the first place in the song ranking at that time, and the life of the combination is still long–from 1988 to 2016. “The only flower in the world” is said to be “the second national anthem of Japan” in the commentary area. It can be said that the Japanese almost sing. It can be seen how much his influence is. This song has a lyric that I especially like, “Whether the flowers are big or small, as different individuals, there is no re-sampling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do the first, it is special and unique”.

Each of his works, advertisements, endorsements and even personal belongings will set off a new round of fashion trends in Japan. His TV “Long Holidays” hit a high score of 36.7% in the finale. It even caused a rush of Japanese young people to learn the piano.

Kimura Takuya with Rolex Explorer 114270-78690 watch

Kimura Takuya wears Rolex Cosmology Daytona 116506-78596 ice blue plate brown chronograph watch

He is willing to change his own handsome style in the variety show, anti-string and funny. As long as the audience can feel real and happy, he is willing to do a lot of trials. Some people say that he is probably the most frequent of the Japanese male stars. He does this because of his sense of responsibility to the audience and fans. He said that in fact, people must be aware that there are people who are better than themselves. To be soberly accepted and to realize this can stimulate their progress. Even though he is 46 years old this year, he is constantly trying new things.