According to Fox News on March 5, President Trump hosted a dinner for the Bison team of North Dakota state university at the White House on March 4, congratulating their seventh NCAA football championship (FCS) division title. Instead of a top-notch meal from a White House chef, however, they were greeted by a table full of McDonald’s burgers, sandwiches, and fries.

But Mr. Trump was so pleased with his choice of food that he joked, “we love American companies, don’t we”. Later, Trump explained his food choices. “I wanted the White House chef to prepare the food, but I prepared the fast food because I understand you”, he said.

This is reminiscent of January. On January 14, when the government was in shutdown mode, the White House chefs were on holiday at home. Trump had to pay for a hamburger dinner for the newly crowned Clemson college tigers players.

I have to say, Trump is a bit of a tightwad.(the magazine Forbes once estimated Trump’s net worth at about $4.5 billion, while trump said it was more than $10 billion.) as the President of the country, eating fast food for the champion team disappointed many netizen. And even though the White House chefs were back at work, Trump bought the champion team a snack. This makes the team’s fans very angry, feeling this is the team does not take.

I thought he just did it because the government shut down… Now we know he’s either crazy or cheap or both, one side.

Another said: “those young people know more about healthy eating than ever before, but trump is a fool to give them fast food.If I was going to the White House, I would bring my own lunch.

But the atmosphere was cordial, the report said. Trump praised the buffalo players as “great, strong, powerful champions.”The team also carefully prepared gifts for trump. The team also carefully prepared gifts for trump. Because trump is the 45th President of the United States, the bison team has prepared a no.45 jersey for him. Trump was so happy that he held up his jersey and “posed” back and forth.

The Washington post said trump had also prepared lunch for the lads at the Capitol, and they weren’t just eating burgers.Buffalo quarterback Trevor Lawrence also told the press, “this is great. We ate McDonald’s and everything else. That’s good”.

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