As we all know, the price of Rolex is always rising in the recent period. Not only has the “hot speculation” model Milgauss 116400 reached a new peak, but other popular models are also rising. In fact, for luxury watches, the increase of price is normal, especially for new models. After a period of time, the contradiction between supply and demand has been alleviated, the price will return to the normal track. But in recent years, the price of Rolex is really high. However, it is rising every year.

Rolex Milgauss blue dial green mirror watch 116400-GV-72400

We take the Gold Daytona for comparison, so that everyone can understand the price. The current price of the steel shell ceramic circle Daytona has been close to the Gold Daytona (belt or tape) Di Tong holding 70,000 dollars. Then the Gold Daytona has also increased by more than 10,000 dollars in the past year. So Rolex really has been raising prices.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M116518ln-0040 Gold Watch

Analysis of the reasons for the increase in price belongs to Rolex: In fact, the fundamental reason is still the links of supply and demand.

The marketing strategy of brand
Without limited edition watches like other brands, Rolex are always the production timings. However, the output is very low. And the amount of consumers is indeed huge, which will inevitably lead to a serious imbalance between supply and demand.

For example, there are 10 Rolex stores in a region, Rolex’s popular watch Milgauss 116400, each store will have one per month. then 10 stores have ten 116400, and there are 100 people waiting to buy one. Usually, these 116400 in stores can only be obtained from the store if they have long-term customers of the brand (mainly those with large transaction volume and large amount of money). The hot watch was bought immediately, so it is difficult for most people to see these watches in the store.

Second-hand trading market
Once the ten 116400 left the store and entered the secondary market, coupled with huge consumers, the value immediately rose. This is also the reason for the price increase of Rolex watches.

Some people say that the brand only sale the appearance and the fame of Rolex. As the movement configuration is not important. I think it is correct. Over the years, the technology on the movement of brand has changed. And the old and new models have had no effect on the value of the popular watches. Consumers just care about the culture and popularity of the brand.

Therefore, the watch is not only a tool for mastering time, but also a symbol of status and identity. The intrinsic value of a fine watch can not be measured by the money.