Whether a watch is reminiscent or resold, the owner is hoped that it will add value, at least not lose too much. Are there any good ways to solve questions? Don’t worry and take note of these steps. Your watch will definitely not be devalued.

Rolex Submariner 16610LV-93250 Green Bezel Watch

Be sure to keep a full set of certificates and boxes
Many people buy a watch and throw the certificate and the box. When it is sold, it will not be found. In fact, in the second-hand transaction, if there is an original security card (certificate), the table will increase by a few thousand dollars.
The numbers engraved on the movement is the ID of the watch

Rolex Submariner 116613-LN-97203 Black Dial Watch

Keep the original strap and the removed parts
The original strap is more valuable to collectors. This refers specifically to (non) leather strap. They have unique aesthetic features, such as those designed by Rolex.

Rolex Greenwich II 126710BLRO-0001 Red-Blue Bezel Watch

Finding the right strap for an old-fashioned watch is difficult because the straps are usually worn out and replaced over time. So it is advantageous to add value to the watch and be sure to pick up the removed parts.

Storage is the key
Moisture and dust are the nemesis of watches. So it is best to keep them in a dry and constant temperature environment. As the age of watch increases,the old-fashioned chronographs with square buttons (watches with integrated stopwatch function) is easier to get moisture in. So be careful when wearing them.

Note: Even if it is a diving watch, it is necessary to check the water resistance after several years of use.
Welfare: Although the light can fade the black dial of the antique watch, these special aging forms add extra value to the watch. These depends on the brand, model and aesthetics. However, in general, watches should be kept away from light.
If there is a turntable, of course it is better to use than storage. Just like a car, it needs to be driving frequently.

Communication with the watchmaker must be clear
If you want to maintain the value of watch, you should choose the right watchmaker to serve, and tell them exactly what you want. Communication with a watchmaker or watch repair company is essential. If you don’t want to replace parts or watch polishing, you have to do these. Sometimes even if you tell, the watch will be accidentally polished or otherwise beautified. These changes can greatly affect the value of the watch that cannot be restored. An irreparable mistake can make collectors cry. Therefore, collectors should better maintain the relationship with trusted watchmakers!

Of course, you still need regular maintenance, but the maintenance cycle varies from person to person. This can communicate well with the watchmaker so that watch can in the best condition.