If you want to find a watch, which is the longer the time, the higher the value, the Rolex will be the best. Its investment collection value is recognized internationally.

If the general watch is well maintained, the service life will be extended. But it will eventually be discarded as the value disappears at the end. And Rolex is not. If it is well maintained, its value doubles every 6 or 7 years. In the international antique watch market, Rolex watches have become the darling of collectors.
For example, the 18K gold “bubble back” watch that can be bought for tens of dollars in the 1970s can now be sold for 20,000-30,000 yuan. In 2002, at an auction held in Geneva, a 1952 Rolex Perpetual Calendar gold watch worn by the last Vietnamese emperor Bao Da had ever sold a price of 342,000 Swiss francs (about 235,400 US dollars at the time).

Rolex week calendar diamond black dial moon phase gold watch 6062

So in the international market, even for an ordinary Rolex watch, the price ranges from $1,000 to $15,000, but consumers are still rushing.

Rolex week calendar gold watch 118338-83208

The quality of Rolex is worthy of recognition, but good quality needs a resounding name to match. However, I am still very curious about the origin of this brand name.
This brand, registered by Hans Wilsdof of Germany in 1908, does not like other brands to be created according to the company name, product name, brand location or founder’s name. What a surprise story about this brand name without a specific source?

The origin of the Rolex name: the essence of the combination
In fact, the word ROLEX is a combination of words. It is a combination of the words moral and excellence. use ROL and EX belong to hoROLogical and EXcellence, the founder combined ROLEX. Among them, horological is the meaning of timepieces in English and excellence is the excellent. The combination of the two words means an excellent timepiece.

The founder of Rolex Hans Wisdorf believes that this combination is a good name. ROLEX is simple, refined, good to read and easy to remember. It is very important that the word ROLEX is easy to read for people who speak different languages in different countries. At the same time, Hans Wisdorf decided to write all the capital letters and finally decided the name ROLEX.

The classic color of brand: gold and green
For the choice of the brand color, the gold and green should be the best. The colors respectively symbolize wealth and prosperity. The trademark uses the crown (the crown of the five-claw), and there is a view that it represents “aiming at new conquests”, which can be understood as constant conquest.