Women love purses, and men love wristwatches, but some women who are crazy about luxury wristwatches aren’t inferior to men at all. In the present society, a wristwatch isn’t a time-telling tool any more. For many people, it has been a daily accessory to adorn your style. Whether you love Quartz watches or mechanical watches, Rolex cannot be avoided to be mentioned. Female aesthetic standard keeps improving from solely to varieties. Only men can wear Rolex watches? Only men can drive planes? For the same reason, only women can collect different types purses? Only women can be flight attendants? No! By the adorning of wristwatches, women also can show distinctive charm. If there is a chance to select a lady that loves wearing wristwatches best by vote, I must vote for Victoria Beckham.

In this day and age, female status and right of speech are determined by her economic capability. Only financial independence can make a lady independent mentally and aesthetically, like Victoria Beckham. She has shone since she made official debut in Spice Girls in entertainment circle in 1997. She married David Beckham, a well-known British soccer player on July 4th, 1999. She never just wants to be a housewife, then she built her fashion brand, David & Victoria Beckham (short of DVB) in 2006 and took direct charge of the chief designer. She is a hard-working women with a good sense of business, and her company improved rapidly. She won the designer of that year at the 2011 British Fashion Awards and was honored with Order of the British Empire in April of 2017. She once invited her husband and children to watch shows on DVB. The medias asked whether you need your family to help you keep up an appearance, and Victoria answered calmed that I just wanted them to know how hard I worked for my dream. I have to adore the lady who works harder than some men.

Her financial foundation determines her index of living. Victoria loves luxury watches, so she collected many and her wristwatches are often spotted and posted on the magazines and Internet. It seems that Victoria Beckham loves Rolex gold watches. One hand, Rolex gold watches keep their values better; on the other hand, she can build her image better with Rolex gold watches. I seldom see ladies can wear Rolex gold watches well, Victoria Beckham is just one of them. From her fashion street snap and shows she attended, her Rolex Day-Date 36 President watch in gold Ref.118238 and Daytona Cosmograph Daytona 116505 18k Everose Gold often spotted and posted on the Internet. It seems that she has got used to wearing her Rolex gold watches. She loves Rolex as if she loves Ultra-wide-leg trousers, and they also her features.

Victoria plays the role of a wife,a mother, a designer and a boss in her life, but it seems that she runs her family and her business regularly and never is disturbed by any troubles. I think that’s why she loving wristwatches, because she always arranges the time reasonably.