If you ask girls which actors you appreciate more, Jason Statham is one of them. Jason Statham is a world-famous action actor. He shaped many attractive figures in big screens, and he likes body building in his daily life. His bushy beard, athlete-like figure and born male appeal enchant a lot of girls. I’ll introduce Jason Statham and his watch collecting.

Jason Statham
Jason Statham likes sports from an early age, especially diving. He once played for the British National Diving team for 12 years and joined in international sport events, but it’s a pity that his best result was just the 12th prize. After retirement, he became a still model for a short period. I found a music video what he acted a dancer in. He was topless and danced weirdly behind the singer. Whether will you recognize him? He met Guy Ritchie, a famous British director soon and acted one of the leading roles in his film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which released in 1998. Because of the film, Guy Ritchie won wider international reputation, and Jason Statham got widely known in Hollywood. Thanks for his tough figure and better basis in diving sport, he starred the following well-made films: The Transporter, Crank, Death Race, The Mechanic and The Fate of the Furious and so on. In big screens, nothing is impossible for Jason Statham. What’s more, in addition to dedicated attitude towards shooting films, he is a good man with no gossip. He and his wife Rosie Huntington Whiteley are a perfect couple.


Jason Statham’s Rolex Watch Collecting
Comparing with other male famous stars, The number of Jason’s Rolex watches is smaller. I dug into his photos, and I found he wore three types of Rolex watches. He wore Rolex Submariner watch Ref. 114060, and he shot the film Parker withe the Submariner watch. His Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch Ref.116520 was spotted, too. I think he loves his Rolex Explorer II GMT watch Ref.1655 best, because he was photographed he often wore it in public and in his daily life.

Jason Statham’s Favorite Rolex watch
Jason Statham is not only an outstanding actor but also a successful man with high state. Rolex Explorer II GMT watch Ref.1655 is a classy, classical timepiece, making its debut in 1971. It derived from Rolex GMT Master I watch Ref.1675, from the rotated bezel with printed scales to the fixed bezel with engraved scales. The two models were equipped with Caliber 1575. A the beginning, it didn’t make a hit the market, and it just was popular with some experts who often use GMT. Rolex Explorer II GMT watch Ref.1655 features pencil-shaped hands, an orange/red GMT index, a cyclops lens date display and a fixed bezel with engraved scales. The Italian collectors called the watch “freccione” in the 1990s. In the first three years, reference 1655 was equipped with an orange GMT index, after that, it uses a red GMT index. Generally speaking, the orange hand model is rarer and more expensive than the red hand.