Last year, a topic of High Fashion caused a hot debate. It’s said that a girl spent approximately $5,000 on a Channel coat, but the coat faded after being cleaned. Then the girl called up Channel Customer Service Center and asked why so, and the answer was that the product never was considered to clean during the design. Labels of Hermes Fashion are marker with “Do not wash in water / No dry cleaning”. Many of Internet users expressed their surprises that poverty limited their imagination. Even though many of us roast luxury goods, they still will buy them when they have enough money.

Back to luxury watches, and we treat luxury watches or high end wristwatches yearning and roasting, too. Who isn’t keen on a luxury watch? People have higher recognition of luxury watches than high fashion, because you can always wear the same watch, but you can’t wear the same coat all the time. The reasons that we yearn for a luxury watch or more include three pieces.
1.High end wristwatches have better quality and more outstanding performance than ordinary ones. Fancy price determines features of a luxury watch. There are obvious differences between a lipstick for $ 3-5 and an Armani lipstick for $30-60. The same reason to facial masks and luxury watches. A high end watch, which was produced by one or more watchmakers for a long time, contains much energy, craftsmanship and innovation ideas.
2. A high end wristwatch symbolizes high quality of life. Luxury goods are supplied for rich men. I take it the granted that Fan Bingbing wears a diamond ring for $30,000 and Ed Sheeran wears Richard Mille RM-056 for 1.5 million. If I were a rich person, why not wear a Richard Mille watch or a Patek Philiphe watch on my wrist? For me, high jewelry and high end watch are luxury goods, but for Fan Bingbing, Ed Sheeran or other celebrities, they’re just some necessities.
3. Quite a few watch makers built their work factories in quite and far towns. They never pursue after speed and quantity of watch making, and they just develop a lot like raising a baby. This is craftsmanship spirit.

In 2016, Rolex Split-Seconds/Rattrapante Chronograph watch Ref. 4113 was sold for CHF 2,400,000 at Phillips auction, making a stir in the watchmaking industry. Rolex Bao Dai Watch Ref. 6062 was sold for CHF 5,060,427 at 2017 Phillips auction, renewing a record in the auction history of Rolex. At the same year, Patek Philiphe watch Ref. 2497 was gained for CHF 2,911,500 by Davide Parmegiani. The watch was owned and worn by an Emperor of Ethiopia, and it’s the only one in the whole world. Patek Philiphe Henry Graves Pocket watch, customized by Henry Graves and born in 1933, is the most complicated hand-made pocket watch in the world. It was sold for CHF 23,072,000 in 2014 Sotheby’s auction. These antique watches were sold for surprising price because they contain extraordinary watchmaking technology and long-term development. The most attractive point of these watches is the craftsmanship spirit, and the spirit is precious in the modern society.

Although Rolex Submariner doesn’t reach one of the top luxury watches, it has been one of the most popular watch. Rolex Submariner was reached at click rates of 30,460 in March this year, 25,376 of the rates came from the Instagram. Of them, 90 percent of Instagram users are interested in Rolex Submariner. Many watch lovers express their feelings that it’s perfect until they own a Submariner watch, although they have had Rolex Daytona, Day-Date or DateJust. Times change, trends change, but Rolex Submariner still is the most popular diver watch on the Instagram.

Why do people roast luxury goods? I list some reasons.
1. High price. I’m afraid I only appreciate luxury watches through the screen and window, because the money can be used to buy a car or an apartment.
2. After-sale problems. Although luxury watches are of high quality, maintenance will stay long term in case of failure.
3. Maybe you have collected enough money, but that model is hard to buy, like Rolex Submariner watch Ref. 116610LV. Its price keeps rising, but it’s hard to buy.