During November 11th to 12th, 2017, Phillips Important Auctions to watch was held in Geneva, Switzerland. There are a total of 157 items, and a number of them are competitive products. As the main force in the auction market, Rolex has been a composing part that cannot be ignored. Here, let’s review 10 important auctions to Rolex watch. Why on earth do they become collectors’ treasures?

Lot.102 Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold Watch Ref.16528
It was born in 1993. In addition to the powerful appearance in yellow gold and iconic sub-dials, the watch is equipped with a self-made self-winding mechanical movement-cal.4030 which played an important part in the history of Rolex movements. Accuracy and innovation make Rolex be one of the most famous watch brands. The final price is for CHF$ 22,500.

Lot.104 Rolex DayDate Watch Ref.18038
Rolex DayDate watches in precious metals with classic dials are popular with the public and collectors. With the yellow gold bracelet and logo, Reference 18038 has a lapis lazuli face, noble and distinctive. In the end, the watch was sold for CHF$31,250.

Lot.106 Rolex DayDate Watch Ref.18208
Comparing with DayDate Watch Ref.18038, Reference 18208, which was from 1999, is more popular with collectors. The smooth bezel is one of its features, but what’s more, the beautiful corallite dial appears special and rare since corallite is a kind of natural stone. Also no two corallite dials are the same, which proves the uniqueness of reference 18208. Its final price is for CHF$68,750

Lot.131 Rolex Explorer Watch Ref.1655
With stainless steel appearance, 38 mm diameter, two-zone display, date display and cal.1570, Rolex Explorer Watch Ref.1655 was born in 1971, and it supplied design basis for the Explorer series. The multi-functional watch has orange hands and luminescent scales. Though it has certain deterioration, warm colors stands out its distinctive glamour. The final price: CHF$32,500.

Lot.134 Rolex Daytona Watch Ref.6239
Rolex Daytona Watch was launched in 1963, and reference 6239 is just the first generation model. With chronograph function and Cal.722-1, the watch was sold for CHF$156,250 because of good condition and rareness.

Lot.136 Rolex Daytona Watch Ref.6265
Here is another Daytona watch. Reference 6265 has its own style and features. In the 1960s and 1970s, Rolex received the order from Navy and Air force, and Reference 6265 which was born in 1974 is one of those orders. The watch back was carved with FuerzaAéreadelPerú and three-digit code. It was sold at a high price by its good condition. The final price: CHF$93,750.

Lot.149 Rolex Daytona Watch Ref.16500
The birth of Reference 16500 is because the blue dial wasn’t popular with the public and some of them was kept to this day. The watch is equipped with modified cal.4030, whose predecessor is Zenith El-Primero movement. Thanks for the special blue dial and scarce quantity, it draws much interest from bidders and buyers. The final price: CHF$552,500.

Lot.152 Rolex Submariner Watch Ref.1680
Born in 1972, the watch bore red SUBMARINER on the black dial. Thanks for the black dial and iconic bezel, it’s called an good example of diving watches. It isn’t hard for Rolex Submariner watch to catch people’s attention and interest. The final price: CHF$23,750.

Lot.167 Rolex DayDate Watch Ref.1804
There is no doubt that as long as Rolex watch is decorated with green color, it must be popular. Thanks for diamonds and white gold, there is no reason that the watch wasn’t sold at a high price. The combination of precious metals and the mint green dial stands out originality.

Lot.196 Rolex Milgauss Watch Ref.1019
Milgauss was derived from Greek “Mil” and “Gauss”, representing unit of measurement of magnetism. Although it looks like a common watch, its birth has deep meaning. Rolex cooperated with the European nuclear research center to develop a watch which can bear the strong magnetic field, in order that engineers and laboratory staff can wear the watch in the highly magnetic environment. The final price: CHF$150,000.