When it comes to Rolex, people know well about some sporty watch series of Oyster watch series, such as Submariner watch, Explorer watch, Sea-Dweller watch and so on. We can’t forget Rolex dress watch-Cellini watch. With rectangle case and transparent back(This is the only design for transparent back.), what’s puzzling is that Rolex Cellini Prince watch never had a great vogue. New Rolex Cellini watch launched at 2014 Basel Fair, it had a round case, and only Cellini was seen at twelve O’clock. It seemed to indicate the end of Cellini Prince watch. Although Cellini Prince is gone, new Cellini has given us more surprises. In 2016, the latest generation of Cellini watch further improves its position in the dress wristwatch market.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time Everose Gold Watch with Brown Dial
The dual time watch is a flagship model in Rolex Cellini watch. With concise look design and soft and elegant color, Rolex Cellini Dual Time Everose gold watch with brown dial is an excellent combination of many advantages of Rolex Day-Date watch and Sea-Dweller watch. Thanks to high-strength wear resistance and enduring luster, Everose gold makes the case send out the eternal charm. Double bezel, domed and fluted, shows the distinctive style and glamour. On chocolate brown dial, iconic Rayon flammé de la gloire patterns catches people’s attention, and hands and hour-markers match with the same material as the case. The sub-dial at six O’clock displays the second time zone, the two hands are adjusted independently by crown. There is a day/night indicator at nine O’clock of the sub-dial. Rolex Cellini Dual Time Everose gold watch is equipped with an alligator leather strap, and dark brown and chocolate brown dial is a perfect match. Comparing with old Cellini watch with black or white dial, chocolate brown dial with brown guilloche looks vivid and vigorous for formal occasion.

Rolex Cellini Date White Gold Watch with Blue Dial and Leather Strap
White gold watch case and blue dial is a classic match which never goes out of style, sending out noble and cold charm all the time. Similar design to the dial of Rolex Cellini Dual Time Everose Gold Watch, Rolex Cellini Date white gold watch has an iconic dial with Rayon flammé de la gloire patterns. Hands and hour markers are made of the same white gold as the case’s. The blue dial matches with a dark blue leather strap. Different from the cyclops lens aperture of Oyster watch, a single hand walks on the sub-dial with dots&numbers at three O’clock, displaying the date. However, the date design looks more delicate and elegant than other kinds. Comparing with mature, elegant and noble Cellini Dual Time watch with brown dial, Cellini Date white gold with blue dial is more appropriate for daily style. It can be easily paired with jeans or other clothes. There is no doubt that suits are the best partner for the Rolex Cellini Date watch.