Many watch magazines, watch websites, and even fashion media sums up and ranks watches that are worth buying at the end of every year. Whether at home or abroad, the ranking results are different. Here we connect the list with market conditions to summarize the 2017’s rankings of popular Rolex watches.

The following rankings of popular Rolex watches according to this year’s various models of Rolex market, supply and demand situation.

NO. 5 ROLEX DATEJUST 41 Ref. 126334
New Rolex Datejust 41 has three models: Ref. 126333, Ref. 126334 and Ref. 126300. Of three models, Rolex Datejust 41 Ref. 126334 in steel and white gold is the most popular. Rolex Datejust 41 is equipped with a new generation movement, calibre 3235, entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex for a superlative level of performance. The steel and yellow gold model, Ref. 126333, is the most expensive. Relatively speaking, the steel model Ref. 126300 is the most cheap because steel material and smooth bezel. Steel and white gold model has a moderate price and some common advantages of the other two models. So the steel and white gold model often sold out.

NO. 4 ROLEX SKY-DWELLER Ref. 326933/326934
So far, Rolex Sky-Dweller has been the most sophisticated of Rolex series. The champagne-color dial features rectangular index hour markers and longer hands, as well as a Chromalight display with long-lasting luminescence, which enhances legibility. It provides the information global travellers need to keep track of time at a glance. In 2017, its price was higher than public price.

What a difference a Sea-Dweller watch makes. New Sea-Dweller has 43mm diameter case with cyclops magnifier and red series name and is equipped with 3235 movement. Comparing with Submariner or Daytona, Sea-Dweller has a little disadvantages about dimension and thickness, though it has the lastest equippment. Although its price reached the peak, finally it fell and was close to public price.

NO. 2 ROLEX DAYTONA Ref. 116500/116508
I’m afraid that Rolex Daytona is the most popular in Rolex. Daytona Paul Newman is the most valuable Rolex watch. The model made of steel with ceramic bezel has been sold for long and still popular. Even the Daytona with steel bezel which was not in production can sell well for original price. Low production makes the Daytona Ref. 116500 with ceramic bezel more popular, and white dial sold better than black dial. Another popular Daytona was the model Ref. 116508 with green dial and yellow gold bezel and bracelet. It was difficult to get such on watch.

Different from the other four series, Submariner watch with green dial and green ceramic bezel is the old style. Maybe the movement of the model Ref. 116610LV will be replaced by 3235 movement, but so many people are crazy about it. It is deserved to win the first place.